Introducing : SCATTERED

Introducing : SCATTERED



Founded November 1st, 2016.

Brooklyn, New York.


The story behind SCATTERED began as a burning desire for an immigrant from Estonia to bridge the world through love and positivity. Moving to Brooklyn, New York at 8 years old, he was raised and influenced by those around him. After deeply falling in love with hip-hop, he eagerly pursued a career in the music and fashion industry. During high school he started making music and not long after graduating he started working as a professional photographer. After dropping out of college, he started interning for Willie Esco and COOGI in the Empire State building. At this time he also signed a modeling contract with RED Models. He later was involved in a serious car accident that left him unable to walk for several months and he used this time to reflect on what was truly important in life. After first hand experiencing how toxic the entertainment industry can be, he decided to create his own path to success. He wanted it to be one that benefited all of those around him. Following his recovery, he attended a casting were he gave his mixtape to Kanye West. A few days later he was selected to be a model in the YEEZY Season 1 debut fashion show. As a result of all these experiences and many others, he was further inspired and energized to find his way. Join us as we go over the brief history of


The story begins on November 1st, 2016, in a small rented office space in Brooklyn, NY.


After going through countless samples and suppliers, SCATTERED found themselves discouraged because no one could offer the quality of production that they were searching for. Refusing to settle for simple prints on wholesale sweatshirts like Gilden and the subpar quality of the matching brands offered to them, they decided it was absolutely necessary to aim for the highest of quality cut and sew fabrics from the very beginning. They were soon introduced to someone (who is now a good friend) that was able to bring to life SCATTERED's official first product.


The black hand sewn box logo hoodie was the first step on the amazing journey that SCATTERED has embarked on. The black box logo became an instant classic. It is the suave superlative of the common streetwear staple. With a timeless logo stitched on highest quality cotton crafted for comfort, it offers an oxymoronic style that is both casual and chic.


After sourcing from multiple manufacturers, they were able to bring to the table exactly what they were looking for. Following its debut, the support was so overwhelming that the first full size run was sold out in just a few days. It was then re-released 2 additional times and repeatedly sold out. The classic black box logo hoodie is highly recommended by everyone who owns it.

After such positive feedback from the public, they were confident that they were headed in the right direction. Now being worn by The Shoe Surgeon, DJ Mo Beatz, Reazy Renegade, Stro and many more incredible people, they were definitely right to think that.


SCATTERED was now focused on bringing to life a timeless, minimalistic and premium logo tee that can be worn on all occasions. After multiple production issues and variations of samples, they finally made it happen.

The simple yet luxe design they came up with now comfortably sits among the top high ticket luxury brands. Artists and customers from London to Milan and from across the whole world received their products and the overall consensus seemed to be that; They love the quality and that SCATTERED was destined to go places.

PICASSO "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" TEE

From the wall of the MOMA to the streets of the city, Pablo Picasso’s radical masterpiece ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (Brothel of Avignon) was now being painted on a new canvas. 

SCATTERED has arranged this complex classic into a simple yet sophisticated fashion design printed on a hand sewn double stitched, soft style, 100% cotton tee.

Picasso's proto-cubist depiction of his infamous nude women challenged traditional composition and sensibilities of his time and now you can pay homage to the revolutionary artistry with a look that is cultured and classic.

The humble and direct design, featuring the artist's name crisply on the front and his work centered on the back, allows the painting to make the statement that words could never.


Focused on reworking timeless articles of clothing in a simple yet elegant manner, SCATTERED brought their minimalistic design to the world famous baseball jersey. Following countless back and forth between them and the manufacturer for the perfect design, they managed to pull it off exactly how they pictured it. This hand sewn jersey was designed with casual and stylish wear in mind and it seems to have accomplished that goal.

It seemed that the hand sewn baseball jersey was a new fan favorite among the streetwear community and certainly did not sit on the shelves. The community seems to really enjoy premium quality cut and sew products while supporting a small business rather than overspending on big brands with questionable merchandise. SCATTERED's attention to detail and demand for excellence certainly reflects in their merchandise.


BASQUIAT "Melting Point of Ice" TEE

Following the overwhelming support and demand for the Picasso tee, SCATTERED decided to create a new tee dedicated to the equally talented, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Drawing inspiration from a white canvas, the design was then printed on a premium white cut and sew T-shirt, as a reflection of Basquiat's work of art.

The Basquiat "Melting Point of Ice' tee proved to be a strong follow up for SCATTERED's best selling Picasso "Les Demoiselles d’Avignon" tee. It too was almost instantly sold out and praised for the quality of production. The main goal that SCATTERED set out to achieve, being confident with the quality of production, was looking promising and they were ready to bring something new to the table. 



The first reiteration of the classic box logo hoodie became the most popular. SCATTERED's first step outside of its monotone color scheme, the hand sewn salmon box logo, became their fastest selling product. Some would even go as far as to say that the salmon hoodie become iconic, featured in multiple music videos, interviews and more.

After instantly selling out, the Scattered family that missed out on the release of the hand sewn salmon box logo demanded that they restock. Unfortunately due to the limited and exclusive one time releases, the much talked about color way has yet to make a comeback.



The second spin on the classic SCATTERED box logo was their burgundy hoodie. They most definitely did not miss with this one as it seems to have been well received by everyone, including Hailey Sani, a famous youtuber/influencer and huge supporter of SCATTERED.

The brand clearly aims to favor solid color palettes and a sophisticated blend of culture and design. After their satisfaction in the quality of their production, they continued to release timeless staples while simultaneously sourcing new fabric for future releases.



Since the passing of Nipsey Hussle, they decided it was only right to dedicate the hand sewn blue box logo to him. SCATTERED strongly believes that self education and uplifting ones community is the most meaningful goal to pursue.

We all want to see our family and friends prosper and bring positive change to this planet. We must start by uplifting ourselves and our communities. The "Nipsey Blue" box logo was distributed to the entire SCATTERED team as a token of their goals and as a reminder to make the most of their time here. Everyone could use a little extra "Hussle".



With SCATTERED's focus on earth tones, simplicity and elegance, they found themselves releasing the much requested hand sewn olive box logo. Adding another essential color to their cut and sew line. 

The olive box logo was hands down the most requested colorway. After countless emails, messages and in person requests, the SCATTERED team went ahead and finally released this effortlessly stunning color way.



With Halloween right around the corner, SCATTERED came in heavy with their hand sewn orange box logo. They decided to momentarily step back from traditional earth tones and thought this was the best place to start. The entire SCATTERED family instantly loved the unexpected color way and its perfectly timed release.

Delighted with the quality and special in person drop offs by the owner, the community seemed to really favor this release. With fall right around the corner, the orange box logo made its rounds throughout pumpkin patches across the states. It even caught the eyes of a designer who decided to completely rework the piece as a hybrid and create a matching bucket hat. 



After releasing their most eye catching and popular orange box logo hoodie, no one expected them to follow up with an even more stunning release. That is exactly what happened when they unveiled their brand new cut and sew "Tiffany" box logo.

The "Tiffany" box logo was by far called the "best" color way to drop. Due to its flawless elegance, it's easy to see why. Longtime supporters of the brand love to debate this topic, seeing as the majority of them are huge fans of the "Salmon" box logo as are still eagerly awaiting its re-release. However the "Tiffany" hand sewn box logo paved its own lane and definitely deserves a seat at the table of "best" releases.



Focused on their upcoming collaboration, SCATTERED flipped the script and decided to introduce a new fabric. After sourcing different materials, the one they selected was exactly what they were looking for, French Terry. Following a multi-stepped production process they were now ready to introduce the premium cut and sew crewnecks through collaborations with two artists they highly respect.



SCATTERED teamed up with Mark Brast of BRAST STUDIOS to bring the world their new globe logo. BRAST is a highly respected designer who has worked with countless A-list artists and brands. We believe his work speaks for itself. The two visionaries have remained in touch since before SCATTERED was even conceived and with the universes aligned, they were able to bring their collab to fruition.

The topic they discussed when designing the new logo was the message of the brand, "We are all one, SCATTERED through this earth and we should take care of this planet and each other". We think the timeless logo that BRAST designed portrays just that. After the approval of the artwork, they proceeded to introduce; the hand sewn French Terry crewneck.



Since the launch of SCATTERED, they had their minds made up to collaborate with one of their favorite artists and painters, Dizzuane aka "Dripped Gawd". Dizz was featured in multiple online magazines and sneaker blogs for adding his classic "Dripped" style to almost anything he could get this hands on. After some effortless coordination, they were able to bring their vision to life.

The SCATTERED "Dripped" logo was then beautifully embroidered on one of their classic hand sewn black hoodies. The logo is the perfect combination of their individual styles and they were so pleased that they went ahead and released a second collaboration entitled "Smell the Flowers". The inspiration behind their "Smell the Flowers" design was the non stop grind of city life and SCATTERED strongly encourages everyone to stop and "Smell the flowers." 



After hosting several pop up shops in NYC and attending trade shows in Los Angeles, they find themselves at home on With over 3,000 orders and customers all the way from New Zealand to Seoul to Paris, Tokyo and back to Brooklyn, we are more than proud to call them family. SCATTERED celebrates their 4 year anniversary and is looking forward to the future. We hope that you have enjoyed this brief history of something we wish to see soar to new heights and benefit many more people and lives in the future.


"Born in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 1 2016, Scattered has its roots in the hip-hop culture that raised it, but its focus of powerful, minimalistic designs transcends all boundaries of class and culture. The humble and direct style has earned Scattered its due respect in the streetwear scene and across the spheres of fashion. The brand’s simplistic sensibilities appeals to all demographics, and is worn by everyone from rap moguls to internet celebrities. Scattered’s message is as simple and sophisticated as its aesthetic scheme: We are all one, a diverse complexion of human beings that are scattered throughout the streets of the world."


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