About Us



Born in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 1 2016, Scattered has its roots in the hip-hop culture that raised it, but its focus of powerful, minimalistic designs transcends all boundaries of class and culture. The humble and direct style has earned Scattered its due respect in the streetwear scene and across the spheres of fashion. The brand’s simplistic sensibilities appeals to all demographics, and is worn by everyone from rap moguls to internet celebrities. Scattered’s message is as simple and sophisticated as its aesthetic scheme: We are all one, a diverse complexion of human beings that are scattered throughout the streets of the world. 




Scattered champions connectivity through positivity, and strive to be proactive in the change they wish to see. Once a month, the company will release an exclusive shirt and donate a portion of the proceeds to an assortment of hand-selected environmental charities that share their same passion for unification and optimism for our planet’s future. You cannot currently find Scattered at any street address, but the mobile brand pops up in shops all around the world and will ship your order for free to wherever you may be.