• How Long is Shipping ? 
  • Estimated Delivery On "Scattered" Products is Approximately 7 Days. 
  • Estimated Delivery On "A Bathing Ape/Supreme" is Approximately 7 Days. 
  • Estimated Delivery On All Other Gear is Approximately 9-20 Days. 
Where Is My Order ? 
Do You Offer Refunds/Returns ? 
  • Yes ! We Offer Full Refunds ONLY on New Unopened/Damaged Products.
Is Your Bathing Ape/Supreme/Jordan Legitimate ? 
  • Yes ! We teamed up with one of the Biggest and Well Known BAPE Retailers in the USA. In fact we will send you a FULL REFUND + Pay You $50 if you EVER receive a Bathing Ape Product that is NOT AUTHENTIC 

Why Did I Receive a Product a Bigger Size Than I Ordered ?

  • Some of our products fit 1 or 2 sizes smaller than average, we do our best with size conversion to make our customers happy ! If the product you've received is too big we will make necessary adjustments free of charge ! 

Do You Offer Bulk Discounts ? 

  • Yes ! Please Contact us to receive a Personal Code
  • Own a Store and Interested in Carrying Scattered ? Contact Us

How Can I Contact You ? 

  • You can reach us via Email : Contact@Scatteredco.com
  • Customer Service Operators Available : Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Are You Looking for Brand Ambassadors ? 

  • Yes ! We are always looking for new people to work with, if you feel like you'd be a good fit for our team please send us a email to Contact@Scatteredco.com with your Name and Social Media Links and what you have to offer !

Are You On Social Media ?

  • Yes ! You can find us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @Scatteredco
  • For Shoutout Tag @ScatteredMedia on Instagram



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